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what is ELL Digital

ELL Digital is the cornerstone division of CGI Digital and is what produces tens of thousands of videos for municipalities and business partners across the country. However, ELL Digital is about something more than video content—it’s about pride. With ELL Digital’s videos, communities get the opportunity to showcase their unique atmosphere, strengths, and anything that makes their area a great place to live or visit. The ELL Digital program is designed to drive business, tourism, and population growth to your hometown.

For Business

Businesses that choose to sponsor the city program have the opportunity to create new, engaging content to drive viewers to their website, and in turn, more customers. The use of ELL Digital’s professional videos will get businesses noticed in multiple places online. From the city’s official site, their own website, social media pages, and more, businesses get incredible exposure to potential new clients. The CGI Digital team will work with you throughout the process to ensure your business is presented in an interesting and exciting way.


Community Foundation

Mayors, city managers, county executives, and more, ELL Digital has worked closely with countless local, regional, and national leaders, including thousands of mayors and city councils. CGI Digital is a proud endorsed partner of both the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the National League of Cities, as well as a Premier Corporate Member of the National Association of Counties.

Chambers of Commerce

As the nation’s premier provider of online videos to chambers and their members, ELL Digital has paired with chambers of commerce across the country. ELL Digital videos aim to present a chamber’s community in the best light and promote membership to that organization.


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