The Power of Diversity & Inclusion

CGI Digital believes that diversity and inclusion creates a more compassionate and collaborative company culture. CGI’s DEI council strives to uplift and amplify the voices of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ employees — fostering an environment that furthers our mission of care and cultivating a progressive, inclusive workspace.

The DEI council is advocating for advancement — both internally and externally.

Structural Change

Our company’s leadership and internal teams implement actionable items to deliver significant structural change across CGI Digital. This begins with mandated DEI training for high and mid-level leadership, leading to a trickle-down of understanding and growth among every company sector.

In addition, CGI Digital is proudly investing in the mental wellness of our employees by partnering with Spring Health. Launched in early 2022, all members of the CGI Digital family now have access to cost-free, comprehensive mental health services. Our goal is to nurture a healthy, positive mindset and minimize the gap between the care people deserve and its attainability.

Community Focus & Advocacy

Partnering with esteemed organizations, CGI Digital is shining a light on the importance of diversity and inclusion initiatives across the nation. Our municipal video program allows communities to recognize and educate residents and the general public on philanthropic efforts in their hometowns to encourage equity and end disparity faced by minority communities.

Partnerships & Projects

Rochester Area Community Foundation

National League of Cities

Equity & Equality: Rochester, NY


This section of the DEI Council focuses on providing our company with the tools and resources needed to ensure each team member has adequate knowledge regarding the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities.

Interested in bringing on more diverse individuals to CGI? Join the recruitment micro-group to assist with our efforts in hiring diverse talent and furthering representation at company-wide.


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Committee Leaders

Drew Fedczuk

Nikki Carroll

Structural Change

Caring for our communities; caring for our teammates; caring for our clients — CGI Digital is working towards a brighter future.

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