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Our experienced website design team creates customized landing pages that increase conversions and drive sales.

Reach Your Customers & Grow Your Revenue

Customers have a one-track mind. They’re after something specific — whether it’s provided determines if you earn their business. Whole websites are necessary for your online presence, shaping brand identity, and as a resource for customers to view complete offerings. However, a separate landing page can be equally beneficial as it’s designed to zero in on a particular service and reach a targeted audience.

Seize The Opportunity to Expand Your Customer Base

Why You Should Land On a Landing Page

Keep Visitors Focused

In the age of the attention economy, website visitors quickly become impatient. A landing page streamlines their experience.

Simple Navigation

Users are able to view what they need to without having to dig through an entire website.

Personalized Information

Created in-house by the CGI Digital website production team, landing pages are customized to fit your brand and achieve your goals.

Maximize On Videos Created By CGI Digital

(Or Have Videos Created)


Did you know video is one of the most critical strategies in the digital marketing playbook? Including video content on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%. If we’ve provided you with video content, a landing page is an effective way to take advantage of your investment. Don’t have a CGI Digital-produced video? Now is the time! 

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