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Shine a Spotlight on Your Business’s Story

Is it possible to convey why potential customers should choose your business over the rest in 30-60 seconds? It may seem like a daunting task, but your CGI Digital video production team is up for the challenge!

At the forefront of CGI Digital, there’s always been a commitment to showcasing small to medium-sized businesses across the country. This started with hand-drawn community “personality maps” and eventually took shape in the form of video production solutions delivered by ElocalLink  — the cornerstone division of our digital marketing agency.

In partnership with your community, our mission is to bring new opportunities and residents to your hometown. And, for a business like yours, growth sounds like the welcoming chime of a doorbell — discover how a personalized video can inspire new customers to stroll through your storefront!

Whether You Want To Inform, Educate, Persuade, or Entertain…

Give your business an edge with a professionally-produced commercial.

Your Production Team

When you work with CGI Digital, you put the strength of a whole professional creative team behind you!

Producing Your Video

Producing Your Video

Your producer helps you navigate each step of the video production process — from the conceptualization through finalization of your video.

Drafting Your Video Script

Drafting Your Video Script

Your content writer collaborates with you and your producer to translate ideas into engaging verbiage with a solid narrative structure.

Recording the Narration of Your Video

Recording the Narration of Your Video

Your voiceover artist will lay down narration and ensure that the timing and personality of your video is on point.

Filming Your Video

Filming Your Video

Your videographer will come to your physical location to capture visuals. Typically, CGI Digital freelances local videographers to continue contributing to your community.
Editing Your Video

Editing Your Video

Your editor makes the magic of video happen! They’ll put together the audio and footage and cut it all together to deliver a desirable final product.

See how your video will come together!

Check Out Our Work!

Want to watch more completed videos to keep getting inspired? Visit the CGI Digital Media Library!

What’s Next?

Your website is a natural home for your video content! Videos boost search engine results and encourage customer engagement.

CGI Digital will put your business on the map!

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