Magellan Voice Search

Scrolling Websites — Simplified

When you visit a website, you’re likely looking for an answer to a specific question. Do you offer a certain product or service? How does one get a quote? And most importantly, why is your business the best fit for your customers’ needs?

Once implemented on an active website, Magellan Voice Search acts as an A.I. assistant — pointing users towards the exact information they seek. All they have to do is ask! A pioneer of reputation services and digital marketing solutions, CGI Digital proudly ensures success for your business on all fronts.

What Is Magellan?

Equip your website with A.I. voice search technology.

Have Questions About Magellan?

How is Magellan installed on my website?

A: Whether it’s a current website or CGI Digital is building you a refreshed website, our web support team will obtain access to your domain and implement Magellan.

How does Magellan know what users are looking for?

A: We utilize indexing tools to scan your scan content across your entire website. Upon activation, our content quality ensures accuracy by reviewing the A.I.’s findings and create customized questions.

Will Magellan look out of place on my website?

A: No! We match Magellan’s interface with your website’s aesthetic.

What’s Next?

Voice search allows customers to easily acquire information. A video shows customers who you are.

CGI Digital will put your business on the map!

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